Portfolio Companies

Current Investments

Investments by Industry


American Seafoods, L.P.
Bellisio Food, LLC
Bravo Sports
Buca, Inc.
Bumble Bee Foods, L.P.
Captain D’s Holding Corp.
Dan Howard Industries
Distant Lands Trading Co.
Filament Brands, Inc.
Garden Fresh Holdings
Golding Farms Foods, Inc.
Guy & O’Neill, Inc.
Jeepers! Inc.
Kaz Inc.
KIK Corporation Holdings Inc.
Laundry Mart, Inc.
MacNeill Pride Group
Midwest Mobility Solutions
Nearly Natural, Inc.
One World Fitness PFF, LLC
Quickie Manufacturing Corp.
Rembrandt Photo Services
Sabrosura Foods
Salton, Inc.
Stonewall Kitchen, LLC
Sun Orchard, Inc.
Tastemakers Holdings LLC
The Johnny Rockets Group, Inc.
The Learning Company, Inc.
United Land Services Holdings, LLC
United Retail Group, Inc.
Uno Restaurant Holdings Corp.
Vinters International, Inc.


Bradford Health Services, LLC
Covenant Care, LLC
Den-Mat Holdings, LLC
DSI Holding Company, Inc.
Manor House Retirement Centers, Inc.
Monte Nido Holdings, LLC
The IMA Group
Vision Innovation Partners

Business Services

ActionEmco Acquisition LLC
Autoland, Inc.
Firearms Training Systems, Inc.
K2 Pure Solutions, LP
Orion ICG, LLC
Ross Aviation, LLC
Scientific Games Holdings Corp.


Group Dekko Holdings, Inc.
Hyco International, Inc.
Kinburn Corp
The Carbide/Graphite Group, Inc.
The King Interests Holdings
Wind River Environmental, LLC


Gray Energy Services, LLC
Nexus Gas Partners, LLC
Seaview Petroleum Co. L.P.


Intermedia Capital Partners III L.P.
Maverick Media, LLC
Muzak Limited Partnership
Patient Education Media, Inc.
Q2 Publishing, Inc.

Financial Services

Catlin Westgen Group Ltd.
Centre Pacific Holdings, LLC
Nationwide Credit, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Financial Corporation
Sphere Drake Holdings Limited
The Golden Financial Group, Inc.
United New Mexico Financial Corporation
U.S. Retirement and Benefits Partners

Investments by Fund

  • Fund VII Portfolio Companies

    2018 – The IMA Group
    2018 – Guy & O’Neill, Inc.
    2019 – One World Fitness PFF, LLC
    2019 – Sabrosura Foods
    2020 – Tastemakers Holdings LLC
    2020 – United Land Services Holdings, LLC
    2021 – Midwest Mobility Solutions

    Fund VI Portfolio Companies

    2014 – MacNeill Pride Group
    2014 – Stonewall Kitchen, LLC
    2014 – Sun Orchard, Inc.
    2016 – Bradford Health Services, LLC
    2017 – Golding Farms Foods, Inc.
    2017 – Nearly Natural, Inc.
    2017 – Vision Innovation Partners
    2018 – The IMA Group

    Fund V Portfolio Companies

    2007 – Environmental Logistics Services
    2008 – Covenant Care, LLC
    2008 – Bumble Bee Foods, LP
    2008 – U.S. Retirement and Benefits Partners
    2010 – CDSI I Holding Company Inc
    2011 – Den-Mat Holdings, LLC
    2011 – Bellisio Foods, Inc.
    2012 – Filament Brands, Inc.
    2012 – Monte Nido Holdings, LLC
    2013 – Captain D’s Holding Corp.

    Fund IV Portfolio Companies

    2004 – Garden Fresh Sponsors LLC
    2004 – Quickie Manufacturing Corp
    2004 – Ross Aviation LLC
    2005 – Uno Acquisition Parent Inc.
    2005 – DSI Holding Company, Inc
    2006 – Distant Lands Trading Co.
    2006 – Gray Energy Services, LLC
    2006 – Group Dekko Holdings, Inc
    2006 – Centre Environmental Partners Inc
    2007 – Nexus Gas Partners LLC
    2007 – K2 Pure Solutions, LLC
    2007 – Orion ICG, LLC
    2007 – Environmental Logistics Services LLC

    Fund III Portfolio Companies

    2000 – American Seafoods, L.P.
    2000 – OSF, Inc.
    2000 – Dan Howard Industries
    2000 – Autoland, Inc.
    2000 – International Imaging Materials, Inc.
    2000 – Centre Pacific Holding, LLC
    2000 – Palisades Ventures, L.P.
    2002 – Kaz, Inc.
    2002 – Catlin Group Limited
    2002 – Maverick Media III LLC
    2003 – Bumble Bee Seafoods, Inc.
    2003 – ActionEmco Acquisition LLC

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