Why Centre?

Why Management Teams Choose Centre

We have a 30 plus year history of partnering with management teams to grow middle market businesses.  We believe that we offer management teams in the middle market a unique set of resources to aid in their success.  We seek to work with management teams who have or desire meaningful economic stakes in their businesses and who choose Centre to be their partner because of the resources we bring to bear, a culture built upon collaboration and integrity, a shared vision of how to grow their businesses, and our track record of success.


The combination of Centre’s experienced, bi-coastal investment team, and our Centre Operating Partners, who possess significant operational and industry expertise, insight and relationships across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, provides our management teams with resources seldom found in the middle market.

Reputation & Culture

Our culture is built upon collaboration and integrity and we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for management teams.  We believe that relationships are critical in our business and we seek to form long-standing relationships with our management teams.  As a result, several of our management teams have worked with us more than once and many of our former portfolio executives have become Centre Operating Partners.

Experience & Track Record

We have a 30 plus year track record of investing in and growing middle market businesses in partnership with management teams in the consumer and healthcare industries.  We have significant experience in transactions involving entrepreneurs, family owned businesses and corporate spin-outs.  Since our inception, we have invested in excess of $2 billion in over 80 companies across various market cycles.